CV 2023


- 2023 Omnivore (Second Unit Colombia)
Documentary Series for Apple Tv+
Produced by Film-45
(In Production)

- 2023 Guardianas (wt)
Feature Documentary Film 
Produced by Rhayuela Films & Marina Films.
(In Production)

- 2023 Crazy Charlie (wt)
Original Fiction Series for Vix+
Produced by Caracol TV.
(In Post-production)

- 2022 Arelys Henao
Tv. Fiction Series produced by Caracol Tv.

- 2021 El Sueño de Benicio
Feature Documentary Film, 76min.
Produced by Universidad de Los Andes  
(Theatrical Release at Cinemateca de Bogotá, Sept. 2021) 

- 2021 Historias Elementales 
Tv. Documentary Series for Canal Capital.
Produced by Rhayuela Films.
(Premiered on national tv, June 2021)

- 2021 Originarios
Tv. Documentary Series for Canal 13.
(Premiered on national tv, March 2021)

2020 The Night of the Beast
Feauture Film, 73min.
Produced by Fidelio Films.
(Premiered at Guanajuato.
Nominated for Best Cinematopraphy at the Macondo Awards)

- 2020 Ruido Capital.
Original Fiction Series for Movistar+
Produced by Fidelio Films.
(Cinematographer Episodes 3 - 4. Premiered April 2020)

- 2020 Analía.
Tv. Fiction Series on Netflix
Produced by CMO and Caracol TV
(Premiere on national tv, April 2020) 
(Nominated for Best Cinematography at the India Catalina Awards.)

- 2019/20 Enfermeras.
Tv. Fiction Series produced by RCN TV.
(Premiere on national tv, October 2019)

- 2019 Property.
Feature Documentary Film, 85min.
Produced by DFFB
(Premiere at CPH:DOX, Denmark)

- 2019 Weitermachen Sanssouci
Feature Film, 80min.
(Premiere at Berlinale, Berlin)

- 2019 Mil Colmillos.
HBO Original Series.
Produced byRhayuela Films.
(2nd Unit and slpinter cinematographer)

- 2019 Uchronia.
Feature Film 90min.
Produced by Amerikafilm.
(Cinema release at Wolf Kino Berlin)

- 2018 Becoming Champions 
Netflix Documentary Series
(Cinematographer on Episodes Germany and Italy)

- 2018 Expedición Sensorial
Tv. Documentary, 90min.
(Produced by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia)

- 2018 Tomada
Documentary, 26min. 
(Winner best documentary at Bogoshorts, Bogotá)

- 2017 Our Refrain
Essay Film 39min.
(Premiered at Edinburgh International Film Festival)

- 2017 Tsuki
Fiction Film, 10min.
(Premiered at PalmSprings ShortFest, California)

- 2016 Colombie: Les Migrants du Darien
Reportage 24min, for Arte France

- 2015 Poema del Día
Documentary, 25min.
(Premiered at HotDocs, Toronto)

- 2015 The Dream of Germany.
(Web reportage Süddeutsche Zeitung)

- 2014 Asta Upset
Fiction Feature Film, 82min.
Produced by Amerikafilm.
(Premiered at Berlinale, Berlin)

- 2014 Faust ^10.
Fiction Film, 15min
(For the Bremen Theatre, Germany)

- 2011 Die Finanzen des Grossherzogs
Fiction Film 30min.
Produced by DFFB.
(Premiered at Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Germany)


-2021 Originarios, Documentary Series for Canal 13
Episode Joropo Llanero,director and cinematographer

- 2020 Venezuelan Migrants Stranded
Web Short documentary for Voice of America

- 2020 The Parking Lot Community
Web Short documentary for Voice of America

- 2016 Guillo. 40min. Documentary
(Premiered at Moscow Documentary Film Festival)

- 2016 Moving Europe. Documentary Web mini series
for Medico International

- 2015 Der Traum von Deutschland. 4x 3min.
Documentary Web series for Süddeutsche Zeitung

Other skills:
- Drone and gimbal Operator
- Underwater cinematography / Certified Rescue Diver
- Filming experience in conflict regions.

- Spanish
- English
- German

Media Visa for the U.S 

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