(Premiere Season 1 on July 2023)

A fiction series about Carlos Lehder,
the mad commander of the Medellin cartel during the 1980s in Colombia.

Produced by Caracol TV for Vix Originals

Unit director Camilo Villamizar

Position: Cinematographer

Sony Venice + Fujinon Premista FF 
Sony FX3 + Sigma Cine FF

(In post-production)

AppleTV+ original series
produced by Film45 and Screen Colombia 

Episode director David Charles Rodrigues

Position: Second unit cinematographer in Colombia

Alexa Mini LF & Alexa 35 + Canon C35 & Angénieux EZ

(Premiere October 2021)

The series turns on an elite military command on a mission to kill off
the enigmatic leader of an unidentified squad roaming the jungles of Colombia.

Original fiction series produced in Colombia

Directed by Jaime Osorio, Pablo González and Chepe Rugeles

Position: Second Unit Cinematographer and camera operator

Sony F55 + Zeiss Ultraprime

(Premiere January 2022)

Television series by Caracol Tv. 
about the life of the singer Arelys Henao,
considered the queen of popular music in Colombia.

Produced in Colombia by Caracol Tv.

Unit directed by Liliana Bocanegra and Camilo Villamizar

Position: Cinematographer

Sony F55 + Zeiss Ultraprime & Alura Zooms

(Premiere April 2020)

A six half-hour series, “Ruido Capital” follows two 13-year-olds
dealing with the trepidations of young teens in ‘90s Bogota.

Fiction series produced in Bogotá by Fidelio Films
for Movistar+ and Hbo Max.

Directed by Ana Katz, Pablo Stoll and Mauricio Leiva.

Position: Main Cinematographer on episodes 3 and 4.
Second Unit cinematographer on episodes 1-2-5-6

Selected at the Berlinale Series Market 2020

Winner Best International Series at Indie Series Awards 2022

Alexa Mini & Amira + Cooke S5i

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