(Premiered at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017)


Our Refrain veers between poetic playfulness and philosophical speculation, following a group of students as they set up an experimental hub in an abandoned building in Berlin.

Essay Film (39’) directed and produced in Berlin by Michael Poetschko.

Position: Cinematographer.

Festivals & Exhibitions:
- Premiere: Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland 2017
- New Poetics of Labor. Medellín, Colombia
- CCA - Centre for Contemporary Arts. Glasgow, Scotland
- Lima Independiente / Fronteras Destruidas, Perú

Canon 5D MK3 + Zeiss Planar

(Premiered at Doker. Moscow 2016)


The simplicity of Guillo’s life style makes us question our way of living and gives us a picture of what happiness can look like.

Documentary Film (40’) produced in Bahía del Aguacate-Colombia
by DFFB and Fish in Water Films.

Position: Producer, Director and Cinematographer.

- Premiere 2016: Moscow International Documentary Film Festival.
- Achtung Berlin.
- South African International Film Festival. Johannesburg.
- Ambulante, Colombia.
- Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival, Frankfurt.

Full Film

Canon DSLR + Tamron and Sigma Zooms

(Premiered at Palm Springs ShortFest 2017)

Samael (6) and Benjamin (4) spend their days playing with their dog Tsuki and their three new bunnies. However, during a family lunch, the three bunnies disappear. This prompts a decision which will forever affect the fate of the beloved family dog.

Short film (10’) Produced in Subachoque by Fidelio Films

Directed by Mauricio Leiva.

Position: Cinematographer.

- Premiere: Palm Springs International ShortFest, California 2017
- IndieBo, Bogotá
- Pendance FIlm Festival, Toronto
- The Colombian Film Festival New York

Red Epic Dragon + Zeiss Ultraprime

(Arte Reportage aired in France 2017)


Arte Reportage about the migrant crisis at the Darien Gap, between Colombia and Panama.

Reportage (24’) directed by Pascale Mariani and Juan Orozco.
Position: Cinematographer in Panamá.

Produced in Colombia and Panamá by Arte France.

- FIGRA 2017, Paris.

(Premiered at Festival de Cine Corto Popayán 2017)

Amongst the streets of La Macarena quarter in Bogotá, Colombia, sits an unfinished building. From the outside, it seems like an abandoned and corroded structure. Within it, however, a family from the coast has built their home. One brimming with life, as nature slowly reclaims the space as it’s own.

Documentary short (25’)film shot in Bogotá - Colombia.

Directed by Mauricio Leiva.

Position: Cinematographer.

Produced in Bogotá by Maria Posada Mylott

- Premiere 2017: Festival de cine corto de Popayán, Colombia.
- Bogoshorts, Bogotá. (Winner Best Short Documentary)
- Muestra documental La Ciudad Sí es para Mí, Bilbao.

Canon 5D MK3 / Rokinon

- March 26 2023: We have been invited by Fujifilm and the ADFC to give a discussion at the 62nd Cartagena Film Festival about our experiences while filming the Vix+ series Crazy Charlie with the Fujinon Premista zoom lenses.

- February 2023: We start the official shoot of GUARDIANAS(wt), directed by Daniela Castro and produced by Ana Tarazona, Rhayuela Films, Montejungla & Marina Films.
- December 2022: After 9 months of a crazy but fun ride, we finished shooting CRAZY CHARLIE. Prime series for VIX+, produced by Caracol TV.

- October 2022: LA NOCHE DE LA BESTIA is still giving us happy news. Now nominated for 9 categories at the Macondo Awards in Colombia. Including Best Cinematography :)

- January 2022: Good news early this year. RUIDO CAPITAL on HBO Max.  
- December 2021: ORIGINARIOS - DANZAS Y SONIDOS DE LA CEACIÓN wins Best Regional Documentary Series at TAL.

- November 2021: EL SUEÑO DE BENICIO is part of the 8º Festival Internacional de Cine por los Derechos Humanos. 

- November 2021: ORIGINARIOS - DANZAS Y SONIDOS DE LA CEACIÓN nominated to best regional documentary series at TAL. 

- October 28th 2021: MIL COLMILLOS on HBO Max

- October 14th 2021: Colombian thathrical release of LA NOCHE DE LA BESTIA. Back to the movies!!! More

- October 2021: After 6 months of an intense but fun ride, we finished shooting ARELYS HENAO, a tv series for Caracol

- September 2021: The 28th of September is the Colombian theatrical release of the feature documentary EL SUEÑO DE BENICIO, a film shot in the south of Colombia, around Suarez Cauca. Directed by Gerrit Stollbrock. We won't give up working and finding stories that talk about peace, respect and unity in this troubled country corrupted by war and cocaine. 

June 2021: HISTORIAS ELEMENTALES, new documentary series of Canal Capital now on air. More

- March 2021: The documentary series ORIGINARIOS; DANZAS Y SONIDOS DE LA CREACIÓN, will air on the 15th of March on CANAL 13.

- February 2021: THE NIGHT OF THE BEAST will be part of the TIFF Next Wave Film Festival.
- September 2020: LA VENGANZA DE ANALÍA on the top ten of NETFLIX. More

- September 2020: Our film THE NIGHT OF THE BEAST finds it's way to the audience. We will screen at
Nashville Film Festival 
Guanajuato International Film Festival.
Athens International Film Festival.
Other festivals soon to be announced.

- May 2020: Very happy to be a new member of the Colombian Society of Cinematographers, ADFC. Feels good when your mentors and colleagues recognize your work :)

- 16.04.2020: Doble premiere tonight, in this pandemic madness. RUIDO CAPITAL and LA VENGANZA DE ANALÍA, celebrate world premieres on Movistar and Caracol Tv, respectively.

- 16.03.2020: On quarantine.

- February 2020: RUIDO CAPITAL invited to the Berlinale Series Market. 

- October 2019. WEITERMACHEN SANSSOUCI on cinemas around Germany.

- October 2019. ENFERMERAS from RCN on air in Colombian TV.

- August 2019. PROPERTY and WEITERMACHEN SANSSOUCI at New Horizons in Wroclaw, Poland.

- August 2019. Finishing production of Ruido Capital. Movistar original series.

- July 2019. Cinema release of UCHRONIA at Wolf Kino in Berlin.

- June 2019. Starting preproduction of RUIDO CAPITAL, the first MiniSeries of Telefónica in Colombia. Produced by Fidelio Films. Article.

- June 2019. PROPERTY screened at Sheffield DocFest

- April 2019. Starting the shoot of LA VENGANZA DE ANALÍA, new TV Series with director Lucho Sierra. Production by CMO Internacional.

- April 2019. WEITERMACHEN SANSSOUCI macht weiter, now in South America at BAFICI in Buenos Aires.

- March 2019. Another World Premiere :) Matthias Lintner documentary film 'Träume von Räumen' ('PROPERTY') will be screened at CPH:DOX in Copenhagen on the 25th of March 2019.
- 15.01.19 We just got the news that our film WEITERMACHEN SANSSOUCI will have it's World Premiere at the 69th Berlinale

- 24.11.18 Finished shooting in Colombia the HBO series MIL COLMILLOS. 

- 08.18 Shooting EL SUEÑO DE BENICIO, documentary directed by Gerrit Stollbrock. Cauca, Colombia.

- 25.07.18 LA NOCHE DE LA BESTIA on color correction at Wemakecolor in Monterrey.

- 09.07.18 Starting the color correction of WEITERMACHEN SANSSOUCI at The Post Republic in Berlin.

- 05.05.18 We start the new documentary project of Sylvia Amaya EXPEDICIÓN SENSORIAL, all around Montes de María in Colombia. Happy to be back!

- 12.12.17 TOMADA, directed by Mauricio Leiva, wins best short documentary at Bogoshorts.

- 09.08.17 We just finished shooting LA NOCHE DE LA BESTIA.

- 01.07.17 The Beast is calling! First shooting day of LA NOCHE DE LA BESTIA, feature film by Mauricio Leiva.

- 30.06.17 OUR REFRAIN, directed by Michael Poetschko, will celebrate world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

- 19.06.17 TSUKI is selected at IndieBo and will have Colombian premiere in Bogota.

- 19.06.17 Off to Palm Springs California for the ShortFest, TSUKI, short film by Mauricio Leiva, will celebrate it's world premiere.

- 19.04.17 GUILLO will have a Berlin Premiere at Achtung Berlin.

- 14.04.17 We finished the filming of WEITERMACHEN SANSSOUCI.

- 05.03.17 GUILLO keeps walking around and will have it's African premiere at Rapid Lion in Johannesburg, South Africa.

- 27.02.17 First shooting day of the second block of WEITERMACHEN SANSSOUCI.

- 27.10.16 We start shooting WEITERMACHEN SANSSOUCI, the new film of Max Linz.

- 25.09.16 GUILLO will be shown in Colombia for the first time, in Cartagena at Ambulante Gira de Documentales. Will happen the night before the signature of the Colombian peace agreement between FARC and Government. Very nice context and coincidence :)

- 02.09.16 We finished the shooting of UCHRONIA, feature film by Azin Feizabadi.

- 19.05.16 My documentary film GUILLO will celebrate it's world premiere at the Moscow International Documentary Film Festival, Docker.